Nicaragua III

Water Supply and Distribution


La Prusia, Granada

Project Leaders

Dora Huang:
Hoang-Anh Vu:

Weekly Meetings

Sundays at 2:00 PM

OEDK Classroom



Create a water source and improve the distribution system to provide 250 families in a community in La Prusia, Nicaragua with accessible and affordable water. Educate the community on hygiene and safe water practices.

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April 2018: Drill a 400 ft. water well to provide water for the community.
May 2018: Implement well control system and water chlorination device.
Aug. 2018: Continue streamlining pipeline distribution system design
May 2019: Implement distribution system changes. Install new booster pumps. Add additional pressure relief valves, tanks, or pumps as designed.
Dec. 2019: Monitoring trip + assessment trip for new project