Nicaragua I

Nicaragua I: Water System


Saldrach Zeledon

Project Leaders

Juan Pablo Luna (

Isabel Alison (

Weekly Meetings

Sundays at 3:30 PM in the OEDK


The community of Sadrach Zeledon in Nicaragua does not have direct access to clean drinking water. They access water via water trucks that drive into town or via a well that is located on site. However, the water trucks carry stale water and the well is located next to a trash dump, so both of these methods cause health consequences to the community members.


Rice EWB has designed a water distributions system for the community. The project consists of a one-kilometer pipeline that sends water from a pump station with an integrated control system to a storage facility at the highest point of elevation in the community. The water that is pumped comes from the local water company’s water system. From the water tanks, water flows down a downstream network to reach the individual homes of the community members.


The water distribution system is expected to improve both the quality and ease of access of water for community members.

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