Nicaragua II

Nicaragua II: Water System



Project Leaders

Jeremy DavidĀ (
Patrick MenningerĀ (

Weekly Meetings

Sundays at 3:30 PM in the OEDK


The community of Wiscoyol is divided by a major highway. To access water, community members previously had to cross the highway on foot and draw water using rope pumps that are open to contamination. Additionally, one of the two existing wells often ran dry during the dry season.


Nica 2 implemented a water supply and distribution system in the rural community of Wiscoyol, Boaco, Nicaragua in May 2015. The system serves approximately 300 people, bringing clean water to within a few short feet of their homes. All seven distribution lines are fully functional, and community members have taken it upon themselves to modify and improve the system.


The completion of this project has improved access to water for over 300 people, and has eliminated the sanitation issues of using a manual rope pump and carrying open buckets of water over long distances.

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